Reader Feedback

Results from the “No-Name Room” column. Thank you to all who contributed…


Janet’s Lady Cave – “The Inspiration Room” for reading, writing, thinking, planning, and relaxing to nurture, renew, and inspire…and cocktailing (or wining)!
-add a skylight or solar tube, window if possible
-a built in desk/armoire with good storage/inspiration space
-lounge chair, love seat, small, round patio table/2 chairs (as space allows)
-small refrigerator (for the wine/cheese/crackers, of course), soft lights
-fun artwork to inspire/corkboard to post
-an animal print area rug for Moose
-not cluttered with space to walk up/down the stairs and straight into the room without walking around furniture
-a cozy, comfy and happy place….VOILA!!

TWO ideas from MO…

No Name Room Entry #1: “A Place for Moose”
(I’m sure Joan Lunden will agree to be your spokesperson to convey the necessity of this specialized area in every modern floor plan.)

No Name Room Entry #2:
catchall, as in “The Catchall” —
“Meet you in the Catchall in 10 minutes” or
“Door’s open!…Come back through The Catchall…we’re back in the living room, with margaritas.(end of shouting)” or
“Did you look in The Catchall? I’m sure you left it there, dear.”

From BETH…

Clearly, the NoName Room is a smoking lounge, equipped with a ceiling fan. Don’t worry if you don’t smoke, just throw in a couple of comfy and puffy lounge recliners, some artful small tables and bookcases, and outfit the long wall with a photo montage above or among the shelving. You will need to remove the lovely table and construction supplies though. I hope this helps!

From SHARON… and not really about the no-name room, but thank you for your kind words, Sharon!

Love your column in the South Strand News! We too bought a fixer upper in Litchfield and have been going at it for nearly 2 years. Not much was done with our house since 1982. Currently in the middle of a total master bath remodel so I could totally relate to last weeks column! Happy to see there are other DIYers enjoying their retirement!!