Published Pieces

Here are a few links to my recent essays appearing in Sasee Magazine, Baltimore Style Magazine, The Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Fishbowl

Here’s a link to my personal essay in Sasee Magazine’s August issue. Thank you for reading it!

During the course of my JHU Masters program, I was privileged to interview Caroline Ringus about her experiences growing up in a Baltimore City orphanage. A version of my piece was published in the December issue of Baltimore Style magazine,  here:

I want to express my gratitude to Caroline Ringus for sharing her deeply personal account with me. Her story inspired me, and I hope it does the same for you.


All about being fashion-backward!


I’m grateful when a newspaper abandons its “no poetry” policy, just this one time. Also, I am frequently a sweaty reader.


What happens when you watch a holiday movie every day throughout December.


Facing the terror of growing old in the United States.


How I felt about getting a free humongous trash can from the City of Baltimore.


          When your baby graduates.


What I learned from taking the longest airport shuttle ride, ever.

Janet performing at “Love Hurts”/Stoop Storytelling in Baltimore.