Sonnet #2: Week of January 29, 2017

The minivan is not a sexy car.
Its boxy shape—no matter what the make—
Will scream “suburban carpool.” If you are
A lover of design, there’s more heartbreak
In roof racks that are tailor-made to take
The family clamshell on a trip that’s sure
To prove to be a mile-by-mile mistake
Set to the Chevy-Chase “Vacation” score.
But if you’ve lived a couple decades more
Than thirty, you’ll take comfort over style
In every feature, from each sliding door
To easy fold-down seats. And every mile
Will be a sweet dream fashioned in Japan.
Come ride in my Sienna minivan.

Sonnet #1: Week of January 22, 2017

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“Mary Poppins” introduced me to
The suffragettes when I was five years old.
But they were cast a bit like crazies who
Neglected their own children. It foretold
The issues women faced. We face them still.
Since 1913, our collective voice
Has risen to a pitch that some call shrill
In their attempts to quell the quest for choice.
But step by step, our footfalls will resound
With purpose, all across this fractured nation:
Freedoms, once attained, must not rebound
With one election or administration.
I won’t succumb to hate or bitter fears;
Hope’s the cadence marching in my ears.