Sonnet #16: Week of June 26, 2017

“Promenade;” a show in Baltimore
Will take you through the city on a bus.
You’ll view a lot of action to a score
Of local music, interviews, and thus
You are both passenger, participant.
You can’t escape the truth that it imparts.
You are intended to connect: it’s meant
To be a vehicle that stops and starts
The course of city life. You wonder how
The poverty and wealth can coexist–
And was that just an actor? Or just now
Was that unscripted action in our midst?
Single Carrot Theatre’s breakthrough show
Drives home the complexities we know.


Unfortunately for you, esteemed reader, the show, though extended, is sold out! Fortunately that means my sonnet cannot be viewed as a thinly veiled marketing ploy.

In any case, you really ought to check out this small, influential group of artists:  

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