Sonnet #15: Week of June 11, 2017

Giant Food
My local Giant Food store on 41st Street in Baltimore.

With four hands on the shopping cart they walked
In synchrony, no bumping, side by side
In fluid motion, just as one. I gawked
Because they seemed so peaceful in their stride.
I followed them; I stalked them with my cart
To seek the essence of their dance, their zen;
How neither hurried-up the other’s start
Or stop. I had to wonder if, or ever, when
I’d have the patience of these lovely two
Who moved in tandem, soulmates in the store
Not paying much attention to me, who
Lurked and snaked behind them out the door.
Following is not considered rude
When Muses show up at the Giant Food.


So, this actually happened a couple years ago while I was grocery shopping. And I find I can’t stop thinking about this charming senior couple.


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