Sonnet #13: Week of May 21, 2017

MooseMy dog has trouble when ascending stairs,
Especially on days I’ve walked him far.
He doesn’t mope about it, never cares
That age is catching up to him. Sidebar:
I saw a photograph of me in shorts
And quickly grew dismayed. My crepe-y skin
All mottled, wrinkled, put me out of sorts;
Resentful of the current shape I’m in.
But what’s the use of that? Ridiculous.
My dog is focused only on what’s fun.
There is no point in chasing all that fuss
That promises a youth that’s passed and done.
So walk me, Moose, along the path you know
As perfect now as it was years ago.

(Pictured above are my youthful son and my old dog. Both are happy with their life stages, and there is definitely something to be said for that!)

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