Better than a Sonnet! Week of April 2, 2017


Thank my Pop, James J. Flood
For the Irish blood
Compelling me to say
Some words on the groom to this packed room
On the eve of their wedding day.

When Patrick was two
I would read each night through
An A.A. Milne verse, anyhow…
One night I suppose I fell into a doze
He recited the rest, Holy Cow!

It was then that I sensed
That we had commenced
A wordy relationship, we
Could often be heard vying for the last word
In the home court–presiding Judge, ME!

How I loved all those times,
He eschewed nursery rhymes
For nonfiction books on the planets.
I learned about Mars, and the black holes and stars
Now I have no rhyme, so, “Pomegranates.”

Well, Pat grew up blessed
With an insatiable zest
For learning, unstoppable still.
His joy—so contagious, his humor outrageous,
And tomorrow I’m thrilled that he will

Take a partner, a wife
Who will bring to his life
The depth and complexity of
Intelligence, grace and kindness—
This is found in Kristin’s love.

Raise a glass “where you’re at”
To toast Kristin and Pat,
While I wrap this thing up in whimsy
I think that it’s cool, I’m an April fool
For love, as we all should be!


A few notes for the non-family reading this:

My grandfather, James J. Flood, was a Vice President of J. Walter Thompson in NYC in the glory days of advertising. I have a memory of him writing, carrying a yellow legal pad with him. I heard he could move people from tears to laughter in a phrase. This is one of my writing goals.

The verse I reference that Pat memorized at age 2 was “King John’s Christmas,” by A. A. Milne.  It’s a good read!

Pat’s sister, Laura, is two years younger. As children, each could choose one book before bedtime, and she would sigh in disdain when Patrick would choose a very dry book on Mercury or Saturn. “Not another Sinus book,” she would complain!

“Where you’re at” is a Baltimore phrase that I particularly love, and never heard until I moved here. I felt I needed to work it in.

We have adopted the toast “Cilantro” because a year ago at a restaurant in Scotland on a family vacation, Pat raised a glass to toast but temporarily forgot the Scottish toast “Slainte,” substituting “Cilantro.”

We wish Patrick and Kristin a lifetime of love and happiness and laughter!

I am so proud and grateful to be his Mom.

One thought on “Better than a Sonnet! Week of April 2, 2017

  1. Janet, as always your words paint beautiful pictures and I am moved to tears through my laughter. What a lovely depiction of your son and his beautiful bride. I share in your joy and am ever grateful that joy once again is a steady companion of your heart. All blessings to the groom and his bride. I don’t know her but I can unabashedly say, she is one lucky woman! Cilantro, indeed! Much love, Rachel

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